a passionate Digital Art Director & Visual Designer with several years of experience, starting from the concept up to the final result. I'm a branding, typography and design lover. I’m based in Salvador/Brazil and currently working as freelance.

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Igor Grimaldi Ribeiro is a Digital Art Director & Visual Designer freelancer, based in Salvador/Brazil.

I was born in the state of Bahia in Brazil, in october 1980, since childhood I was an admirer of art and design, the colors fascinate me, photography and images are my soul, music is my freedom, and the smile and satisfaction of my customers is my goal.

I have a degree in Advertising for 11 years and specialized early on in UX/UI, design, art direction and webdesign at that time was the most modern was happening. The emergence of .com companies, and thus glimpsed in this regard my career advancement.

IGR is the abbreviation of my full name! And I bring my logo burned into my skin.








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